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Agile 101: Sprint Planning

This blog will define exactly what we mean when we talk about sprint planning, who is involved, and a few other key things we keep in mind when we plan our agile sprints.

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Agile: Who Writes a User Story?

When tackling a digital project of all sizes it's important to write clear user stories. This blog discusses who exactly is responsible for writing user stories.

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5 Reasons We Love the Silverstripe CMS

At Somar Digital we rely on the Silverstripe CMS for all of our web projects. This blog looks at 5 of the key reasons we love using Silverstripe and why we think it is a great CMS.

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Acceptance Criteria vs definition of done

Somar's Scrum Master, Bridget Feierabend, discusses why knowing the difference between 'Definition of Done' and 'Acceptance Criteria' is vital to the success of your project team.

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The 7 Principles of Agile

If you are pitching Agile in your organisation then showcasing the benefits of the Agile methodology is essential. Somar's Scrum Master, Bridget Feierabend, outlines the 7 key principles of Agile.

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Workshops: Great Ideas Start Here

Somar conduct fun, engaging, and efficient workshops to help better understand the needs of your organisation so that we can create purposeful user-centric solutions.

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Sizing Projects with Scrum

We believe that the client is just as much on a journey as we are, and we would like to share a little bit of that process with you.

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