What are the benefits of UX?

Somar Digital is a digital agency based in Wellington, New Zealand that specialises in UX design. We focus on creating a solution that goes above and beyond - our UX centred approach is the difference between simply building a website, or changing people’s lives.

Save time and money, by putting user experience at the forefront of your project. In our experience UX design is a user-centred approach to finding and solving problems. By fixing a problem that has been defined by users and validating this within the design phase, we minimise the likelihood of rework later down the line.

User Research

Through workshops, surveys and activities, we are able to gain insights and find patterns, and create recommendations, ensuring that any new product, or improvement to a current solution can be made with your users' needs at the front of mind.

Competitor Analysis

By determining the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors within your market, strategies that will provide you with a distinct advantage and any weaknesses in your competition that can be exploited within the product development cycle, we can ensure that your product development is set up for success from inception.

Heuristic Evaluation

Unlike user-testing, where the product is evaluated by users, in a heuristic evaluation the product is evaluated by usability experts in order to make recommendations on how the site could be improved. It is a valuable technique to be completed alongside other research or on its own to get quick, cost effective recommendations.


Make objective decisions that benefit your customers through using developed personas to assess the users’ reaction to elements of your product. Through user research and analysis of your current users, we can create your customer persona profiles so you can be sure that you are building a product fit for your users.

User Testing

User testing can be done on current products to identify areas for improvement, or on prototypes of new products. It is used to evaluate a whole product, or just a feature, with its real users and allows ideas to be validated, and issues to be identified early, which is vital to reducing risk and producing a high quality product.

User journey mapping

In its most simple form, user journey mapping involves collecting and arranging user actions into a timeline and it is a great tool, especially for new products. The user journey map ensures the development team and project stakeholders are set up for success and that the product will meet the products primary business goal.

UX Stakeholder Workshops

We understand that the needs of your stakeholders are important. By hosting Stakeholder workshops at the start of the project we can bring them along the journey, gaining insights and creating recommendations based on their hopes for the product.

Information Architecture

Put simply information architecture (IA) is the art of organisation of information on a website or web application so that the user is able to easily find the information they are looking for. By having a strong IA you can ensure that your content doesn’t turn into an unruly, illogical beast and that using your product will be a simple, intuitive and positive experience for your users.


Wireframes are an invaluable tool that forces our clients (and us) to map out the structure and functionality of a website/application upfront. They push usability to the forefront. These are all things that lead to intuitive, functional, and delightful products.

Design Sprint

A design sprint is a 5-phase exercise which uses design thinking to reduce the inherent risks in successfully bringing products to market. Participating in a Design Sprint orients the entire team and aims their efforts at hitting clearly defined goals. Sprints are useful starting points when kicking off a new feature, workflow, product or solving problems with an existing product.

Accessibility Audit

For most internet users, website accessibility is expected. For people living with disabilities, this expectation is not their reality. According to the World Health Organisation, around 15 percent of the world’s population is made up of people with cognitive and/or physical disabilities. At Somar, the NZ Govt Accessibility web standards are at the forefront of everything we do and with an accessibility audit in hand you will be prepared to make the necessary changes to have an inclusive and accessible product.

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