Somar’s Approach to Web Development?

Going Above and Beyond - Our project team understands the importance of investing the time to listen and understand your needs, challenges and goals. We take the time to understand what success looks like to you, working in partnership to develop bespoke solutions that importantly fit within your budget.

When you invest in our team, you’re not only investing in our ‘can do’, but you’re also investing very much in our ‘know-how’. If we believe there is a better way to do something, in the nicest possible way we will tell you!


We love working in partnership with our clients. We have found, the more we and our clients collaborate and work as a team - the better the outcomes are. We see ourselves as an extension of your team, not just a vendor. We value open communication and transparency, keeping you informed and involved at every stage of the project.

Solution Architecture

Our approach involves understanding your unique challenges, goals, and technical requirements to design a robust framework that seamlessly integrates with your existing systems. We carefully evaluate and select the best tools, platforms, and technologies to build a scalable, secure, and high-performing solution tailored to your needs. By aligning technology with your business strategy, we ensure that our solution architecture supports current objectives while providing the flexibility to adapt to future growth and innovation.


There are always going to be speed bumps along the way as a project progresses and your priorities may evolve. Our delivery teams roll with the punches and is adept at coming up with solutions as issues arise and requirements change. We embrace an agile approach to web development, which allows us to stay flexible and responsive to your needs.

API Development

As expectations from users of what modern websites are capable of, we have found increasingly that we build rich web experiences that are powered by APIs, often powered by a headless Content Management System. We've built APIs at scale, and look after requests measured in hundreds of thousands per day for Metlink real-time information.


Our focus is on building flexible, modular and extensible applications. As such, we primarily opt for using Silverstripe, an open-sourced PHP-based framework that allows our teams to focus on creating beautiful, functional and easily updatable online solutions. As Wellington's first appointed Silverstripe Professional Partner, we've used Silverstripe's lack of constraints or restrictions to build websites, rich data-driven web applications, and even intranets.


We put user experience first. As such, we use modern front-end Javascript frameworks like Vue.js to build interactive web applications. Taking this approach, we have recently leveraged technology for solutions where it can be built once for web and then delivered as an iOS and Android app.

Hosting & Support

Somar Digital works with your organisation to provide the level of cloud environment management that meets your needs, from incident management to infrastructure optimisations, delivering automation, operational excellence, and speed. Somar Digital Cloud is a hosting platform built upon Amazon Web Services (AWS) that provides a secure and scalable infrastructure, backed by our dedicated support team.

Design & Development Synergy

Our designers and developers work seamlessly together to create cohesive and impactful digital solutions. By fostering close collaboration from concept to launch, we ensure that every design decision aligns with technical feasibility and development goals. This synergy results in websites and applications that are visually appealing, user-centric, and technically sound, delivering captivating digital experiences that drive business success.

Somar Digital Accelerator

What sets Somar Digital apart from the competition is the Somar Digital Accelerator – a game-changing website starter kit featuring a curated collection of reusable Silverstripe core components. The Somar Digital Accelerator is perfect for businesses and organisations who are looking for a more cost-effective solution. It unlocks significant build efficiencies, enabling us to fast-track your website's launch timeline - we can take it to market and into the hands of your audience much sooner.

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