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In this blog, we’re going to look at the Agile Fundamentals and Scrum 101 workshop where our new clients get a thorough introduction into the Agile mindset and why we use it at Somar Digital.

Agile Fundamentals & Scrum 101 Workshop

Goal: Gives you and your team the fundamentals to understand the Agile methodology and why we employ it for our projects.

What it involves/what to expect: Within this 3-hour session, learn from our Certified Scrum Master, the simplified principles and roles of Agile Scrum so that you can build a foundation of how to work within this methodology. This is a great workshop for those just beginning to work in Agile or those working with Agile teams who want to understand how they work.

agile fundamentals workshop somar digital

Key topics that will be covered:

Agile principles & mindset

During this part of the workshop, we will introduce you to some of the key Agile principles including some of the key terms that we use when talking Agile.

Why Scrum? - Benefits of small batch sizes

  • It’s a simple framework
  • It encourages smaller batch sizes
  • It focuses on delivering a working product to the customer
  • It encourages communication and continuous improvement
  • ​​Faster feedback
  • Better feedback
  • Greater visibility of bottlenecks
  • Improved decision-making

Scrum in practice (activity)

In this part of the workshop, we'll play a game that puts the Agile principles into practice by estimating how long an activity will take, seeing how long it will actually take and planning for the next sprint.

Agile process + Sprint Cycle

  • Pre-sprint: User Stories are created, refined, prioritised and prerequisites and/or risks are identified. Capacity for upcoming sprint are identified and the sprint is planned accordingly.
  • Sprint: The team works on items in the current sprint backlog and completes all required work. Testing is completed to ensure the work meets its acceptance criteria and the definition of done and then customer sign off is given.
  • Post Sprint: Deployment is scheduled, completed and tested.

Definitions of important agile concepts

In the final section of the workshop we will do an indepth discussion of the definition of importnat agile concepts such as; Story Points, Definition of Done, and Acceptance Criteria. These are concepts that are vital to understand to ensure that projects run smoothly and everyone is on the same page before we begin a project.

Agile process infographic

Benefits of the workshop

  1. You’ll be an Agile expert by the end of the workshop :-)
  2. The workshop will give you a really strong foundation regarding the fundamentals of the Agile methodology.
  3. Because we run all of our projects with an Agile approach you’ll have a lot more clarity and confidence going forward about a project with Somar Digital.


Our Agile 101 workshop is a great way for you and your team to get a comprehensive (and fun!!) introduction to the Agile methodology and run a scrum-based project. Alternatively, we also offer our Product Owner workshop for clients that are familiar with the Agile methodology but want some tips and tricks for being a successful Product Owner.

If you are interested in enquiring about a workshop for you and your team you can contact us at this link.

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