Bringing SVGs to Life

Scalable Vector Graphic, or SVG, is an image format we utilise as much as possible in our projects. An SVG’s small file size, in addition to its ability to be replicated at any size without loss of quality, makes it a fantastic tool for the web. Read more.

Tags:UX, User engagement

Content is King

Somar pride ourselves on great user-driven design and creating engaging digital experiences. But often it’s the content of your website that determines whether the encounter is fulfilling to the user, or frustrating. Read more.

Tags:IA, Web development

Sizing Projects with Scrum

We often hear from our clients that they thoroughly enjoy working with Somar, from the initial workshops through to the agile process and delivered end result. This is largely due to how we actively involve the client from start to finish. We believe that the client is just as much on a journey as we are, and we would like to share a little bit of that process with you. Read more.

Tags:Agile, Scrum