Workshops: Great Ideas Start Here

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Somar conduct fun, engaging, and efficient workshops to help better understand the needs of your organisation so that we can create purposeful user-centric solutions.

These workshops are the first official point of contact with you as the product owner and act as a great introduction to the team at Somar so that you see who you'll be working with. It's also a chance for us to get to know all about your organisation, about your audience, and what the needs of your organisation are.

Our workshops are typically either a half-day, or a full day depending on the scope of the project. It's a chance to chat with the web design and development team to explore solutions that meet the needs of your organisation and your users. During the session, we'll listen to your requirements and bring our own ideas to the table and share our expertise and knowledge.

Often our workshops help explore the bigger picture and are a great way to discover new ideas, while also confirming a lot of the uncertainties about the upcoming project. Our clients have stated just how much they enjoy the workshop process and we are often told that they are fun, productive and help give them an understanding of our process. It's all a part of how Somar operates - we involve the client and bring them into the team throughout the entire project as the product owner.

Workshops set out to clarify:

  • What: Identifying the high level brief of the project - what is the core problem we’re trying to solve?
  • Why: A combination of what the business needs are, what users require, and a way to measure success
  • Who: Defining the target user groups and core audience you want to connect with

From here, the team start to explore the How - the ways in which we can go about solving the problem - where ideas are openly discussed with the client as a collaborative effort.

We run multiple workshops every month and if you are interested in hearing more, just drop us a line below.


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by Angus Deacon