5 Customer Experience Success Stories

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Companies that prioritise delivering exceptional customer experiences not only cultivate loyalty but also bolster their bottom line. Customer experience (CX) encompasses every interaction a customer has with a brand. From the first point of contact to ongoing support, each touchpoint contributes to the overall perception of a company.

In this blog, we discuss a few customer experience success stories that we have contributed to at Somar Digital, examining five instances where our client-partners not only met but exceeded customer expectations.

Customer Experience Definition

Before delving into the success stories, it's important to define what exactly we mean when we talk about “customer experience(external link)”. CX is the sum of all interactions between a customer and a company throughout the entire customer journey. It includes aspects like user interface, product quality, customer support, and every touchpoint that shapes a customer's perception of a brand.

Why Customer Experience is Important

A positive customer experience fosters brand loyalty, repeat business, and positive word-of-mouth marketing. Conversely, a poor experience can lead to customer churn and damage a brand's reputation. Understanding the importance of CX is vital (external link), as it directly impacts a company's success and longevity.

What Makes a Good Customer Experience Success Story

A successful CX story goes beyond meeting basic expectations. It involves exceeding customer expectations, creating emotional connections, and addressing pain points effectively. A good CX success story demonstrates a company's commitment to understanding its customers and delivering solutions that resonate.

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5 Customer Experience Success Stories

1. Metlink - Next Stop Announcements

In the public transportation sector, Metlink's implementation of next stop announcements stands out as a CX success story. This new on-bus technology improves the customer experience for Metlink bus traveller’s especially members of the low vision and audio impaired communities by providing passengers the ability to see and hear next-stop and transfer information in real time via screens and audio announcements.

By leveraging technology to provide real-time updates and relevant information to commuters, we helped Metlink enhance the overall travel experience. This proactive approach not only improved customer satisfaction but also demonstrated a commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the community.

2. Plan My Walk app & website

Plan My Walk is an app that helps anyone plan and prepare for a hike on the 1000s of amazing tracks across New Zealand. The app gives users everything they need to plan their walk including weather alerts, detailed maps, up to date track conditions and recommended gear lists.

The success of Plan My Walk(external link) lies in its seamless integration of technology with user needs, showcasing the power of understanding customer behaviour to create a tailored experience. Over 200,000 people use the app with the goal of keeping more people safe in NZ’s outdoors.

3. Cancer Society online donations

At Somar Digital, we were proud to partner with the Cancer Society to enhance their online donation platform. Our focus was on creating a user-friendly interface that made donating simpler and more intuitive. By prioritising empathy and convenience, we tailored the donation process to meet the unique needs of a charitable organisation, leading to a meaningful increase in contributions.

In response to the challenges posed by COVID-19, we collaborated with the Cancer Society to improve the online donation platform for Daffodil Day. Our efforts resulted in a 600% boost in online donations for the event.

woman and kids on interislander

4. Interislander Website New Design + Development

Our team at Somar Digital took on the challenge of redesigning the Interislander website, with a focus on improving the customer experience. We introduced a more modern, user-centric design that means it is now much easier for users to find what they are looking for and it is much more straightforward to complete a desired action such as book ferry tickets or see the latest timetable.

Our efforts not only help save customers time but is a more modern approach to customer experience with features like customers being able to decide how they would like to be notified how they receive important alerts like ferry delays.

5. Ministry of Social Development Family Violence Websites

Working closely with the Ministry of Social Development and Dentsu Creative Aotearoa, we developed a series of websites addressing family violence(external link). Our approach balanced the delivery of crucial information with a supportive and empathetic user experience.

We ensured accessibility for all users and committed to continuous iteration based on user feedback, reflecting our dedication to creating safe and inclusive online environments.


From the seamless integration of technology to empathetic design, the highlighted case studies demonstrate the diverse strategies companies employ to create memorable customer experiences. As businesses continue to navigate the complexities of customer interactions, the lessons gleaned from these success stories can serve as guiding principles for fostering lasting connections and achieving sustained success.

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