What are the benefits of using Agile?

Delighting Customers

A project will always rely on collaboration and creativity to succeed therefore the number one goal for every project should be delighting your customers. Whether that be the client who hired you to build the product or the customer of the product you are building.

Deliver Maximum Value

The client can weigh the business benefit against the relative cost of each task when prioritising. Tasks with greater business benefit can be identified and completed first. Resource is directed to the most effective areas and requirements tailored to fit the budget.

Reducing Risk

With short sprints of well-defined tasks we are able to start delivering working products as soon as possible. We track metrics on the team’s performance so that we can make evidence-based estimates.

Client-Driven Iterations

At the end of each Sprint we reassess the requirements with the client. Instead of the client guessing what they want and the development team assuming the rest, the client drives each stage of development, ensuring everything is how they envisioned and required it.

Radical Transparency

Agile is first and foremost about values. Honesty, openness, trust, courage and a responsible attitude towards money. Everyone is alerted to the truthful status of the project at all times, helping management to make decisions on prioritisation, budgeting and resourcing from an educated place.

Continuous Self-improvements

In Agile, even a smoothly running team can be working better. The key to Agile performance is to continuously self evaluate and look at ways to make the team more successful. There is always something you can do to increase the soft and hard skills of your team which will, in turn, increase the quality and quantity of their output.