Marketplace Upgrades Help Streamline Government Procurement

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The Department of Internal Affairs has announced that Marketplace, the online platform for government procurement in New Zealand, has launched a series of innovative upgrades that are set to greatly improve the procurement process for government agencies and suppliers.

Marketplace(external link) lets New Zealand and international businesses offer their products and services directly to New Zealand government agencies. Somar Digital was responsible for developing the new changes to the site. The new upgrades to Marketplace bring a host of features designed to streamline and provide greater efficiency for suppliers to apply for their services to be made available through Marketplace.

Suppliers will also benefit greatly from the enhanced functionality of the upgraded Marketplace website. Managing service applications is now much easier thanks to a user-friendly dashboard that allows suppliers to effortlessly view, add, and manage their listings.

The enhanced Marketplace website brings a multitude of benefits for both Marketplace administrators and suppliers. Manual processes are dramatically reduced, eliminating the need for separate documents and reducing administrative burdens. By implementing two-factor authentication within the supplier dashboard, the upgraded platform ensures enhanced security measures, safeguarding sensitive information. The new upgrades help to minimise errors and reduces data re-entry for applications, resulting in improved accuracy and reliability throughout the procurement journey.

"These upgrades to Marketplace mark a significant step forward for the online government procurement process," stated Fiona Reid, Somar Digital’s CEO. "We are committed to providing an intuitive, secure, and efficient platform that simplifies processes, and fosters stronger collaborations between government agencies and suppliers."

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