New Interislander website will bring significant benefits to customers

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The new Interislander website has been launched which aims to significantly improve the customer experience for anyone looking to catch the ferry.

KiwiRail, which operates the Wellington to Picton ferry service, brought Somar Digital on board to design and build the site. Some new features include updated navigation and menus, up-to-date timetables, push and email notifications for users about upcoming ferry services and a ‘Where is My Ferry’ feature that gives customers the ability to see exactly where their ferry is in relation to the ferry terminal.

The new site helps customers, which includes both public and commercial vehicles, to save time and hassle when they catch a ferry. The site’s user flow is straightforward and the navigation is much more user-friendly. There will be a huge benefit for customers now that they can receive notifications if there are any delays or service changes to the ferry they are taking. Previously customers would only be able to get this information once they had already arrived at the terminal.

This redesign of the website is part of a concerted effort by KiwiRail to move away from a brochure-style website and towards a site that provides greater value to their customers and makes their journey and experience with Interislander as stress-free as possible.

Somar Digital CEO, Fiona Reid says: “We’re confident that customers are going to see a big improvement in the way they use the Interislander site. We’re thrilled to continue to work alongside KiwiRail to deliver digital products that deliver value to their customers.”

This is Phase 1 of the new redesign with more features to be implemented in 2023. link)

by Somar Digital