Collaborative Web Development: Enhancing Efficiency and Innovation

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Let's delve into collaborative web development, exploring the key facets that drive efficiency and innovation.

Collaborative web development involves the collective effort of designers and developers working in unison to create dynamic, user-friendly websites and applications. The process involves effective communication, transparent workflows, and client involvement.

are you ok website on various devices

Designer-Developer Collaboration

Design and Development team Synergy

The collaboration between the web design team who specialise in User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI)(external link) design and the web development team is crucial for a website’s success that blends aesthetic appeal and functional efficiency. These two teams need to collaborate in a way to foster a shared understanding, ensuring the end product aligns seamlessly with user expectations.

Rigorous Process - Daily Stand-Ups

An effective collaborative web development process requires structure. Daily stand-up meetings, a hallmark of agile methodologies, bring the team together, fostering a sense of accountability and progress tracking. Developers and designers share updates, discuss challenges, and strategize solutions, creating a dynamic and responsive workflow.

Client Collaboration

The collaboration extends beyond the development team to include clients in the process. Regular client meetings ensure that the project aligns with their vision and goals. Ideally, that client would be represented in daily standups by a product owner(external link) who is able to answer any questions from the web development team and generally keep up to date with a project's progress. The iterative nature of web development allows clients to provide feedback, promoting a client-centric approach. This not only enhances the final product but also builds a trusting, long-term relationship.

Transparent Communication

Clear and transparent communication is the glue that holds collaborative web development teams together. Utilising communication tools such as Slack, teams can share ideas, discuss issues, and provide real-time updates. This transparency minimises misunderstandings, accelerates decision-making, and keeps everyone on the same page throughout the development lifecycle.

Teams Based in Different Locations

The geographical dispersion of teams can be a common occurrence in today's day and age. Tools like video conferencing platforms bridge the gap, enabling seamless communication and collaboration. Teams based around different time zones, like those operating around New Zealand, leverage collaborative tools such as Microsoft Teams to ensure continuous communication, fostering a cohesive development environment.

Jira - Streamlining Project Management

In the collaborative web development landscape, effective project management is paramount. Jira, an agile project management tool(external link), helps teams streamline workflows, track tasks, and manage project timelines. Its versatility in adapting to various development methodologies makes it a go-to choice for many collaborative teams.

Test, Test, Test!

Quality assurance is the linchpin of any successful web development project. Collaborative teams prioritise testing at every stage, ensuring that the code is robust and the user experience is flawless. Automated testing tools, manual testing, and continuous integration processes contribute to a comprehensive testing strategy, preventing issues from escalating and enhancing the overall product quality.

msd family violence websites on mobile phones

Collaborative web development in practice (case study)

Ministry of Social Development Family Violence Websites

Somar Digital is the web development partner of the Ministry of Social Development’s Help Portal and Social Actions teams. In collaboration with design partner Dentsu Creative Aotearoa, we have worked with MSD to develop a range of websites and tools that provide critical information and support on issues related to family violence in New Zealand.

The suite of digital products that this partnership has produced provide online spaces for people impacted by family violence, and those who are worried that their actions are causing harm to others but want to make positive change. While there are similarities in terms of content and technology across the products, each has a clear purpose and target audience, as determined by MSD. Somar Digital and Dentsu Creative worked closely with MSD to make sure that each product delivered met the purpose and goals of each project.

Somar Digital x Dentsu Creative Aotearoa

The success of these projects was contingent on the collaboration between MSD, Somar Digital and Dentsu Creative. This is a highly complex series of work across multiple projects with strict budgetary requirements, and requires a high level of engagement and communication between all teams involved. MSD led all projects with Dentsu providing design services, and Somar Digital providing development expertise.

Web development expertise

We receive exceptional UI designs from Dentsu, and our development team ensures that the finished product functions according to user experience best practices and meets accessibility standards. This involves working closely day-to-day with Dentsu once development begins so that what we build is consistent with the designs and with the MSD’s vision for the site.

One consistency across all the projects is continuous iteration based on user feedback. Somar Digital, Dentsu and MSD have planned quarterly sprints to update the site and make improvements. MSD engaged with Kantar to conduct research with relevant users to inform changes and product enhancements. In the case of Are You Ok, a key focus has been providing specific information and support for the disabled, pacific people and Takatāpui and Rainbow communities. Key parts of the site have been informed by indepth research in order to be relevant and helpful to these communities.


Collaborative web development is a culture that fuels innovation and efficiency. By fostering seamless collaboration between designers, developers, and clients, teams can create web solutions that resonate with end-users. From the synergy between UX/UI designers and developers to the rigour of daily stand-ups, transparent communication, and the use of powerful tools like Jira, every element contributes to a holistic approach to development.

Embracing and refining collaborative web development practices is the key to a successful project team and ensuring the end product aligns seamlessly with user expectations.

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