The brief: Somar have been involved with a number of online marketing campaigns for Sony PlayStation NZ, working alongside advertising agency OMD Ltd. Working to a clear brief, we supply different online components for digital marketing.


Capture your audience

Our expertise with branding and digital design allow us to create online advertising visuals that are fit for purpose, highly effective and ready to deploy. Our graphic designers create engaging and memorable web banners, EDM (email-direct-marketing) templates and even animated tiles and website surrounds. These appear on prominent online platforms like, NZ Herald, YouTube, Pandora, and Spotify.

Tablet and Phone

Respect the brand

Like any of our clients with brand guidelines, we strongly believe in brand consistency and ensure logos, colour palettes and typography are all adhered to. With a widely recognised brand like Sony and PlayStation, Somar’s creations needed to sit alongside the international brand as if they were created by a single agency.

Overcoming challenges

Every project has issues and roadblocks. Somar roll with the punches and learn from everything we do:

Working with agencies

For PlayStation marketing we worked closely with an advertising agency, often with tight turnaround times. Somar love to collaborate, and ensured that we worked collectively as a team to produce the best result for the end client.