The brief: HomeTech have been providing and installing home improvement products to New Zealanders since 1992, with more than 100,000 customers across the country.

They required a revamped website to engage with customers and an effective e-commerce store to help sell product online.


Engaged users = customers

While HomeTech had an existing website, it was difficult to maintain, was not responsive for mobile users, and lacked emphasis on click points or call-to-action buttons. We took the existing framework and gave it a facelift, improving the user experience.

Tablet and Phone

Let Google find you

As part of the site revamp Somar also optimised HomeTech’s content for search engines, which dramatically improved the site’s ranking in Google. Rather than spend money on Google AdWords, we helped the client find a best practice solution for growing visitor numbers organically. Customised backend modules were created in the SilverStripe CMS to help the administrators keep the site updated quickly and easily.


Step by step

Our Agile methodology, and modular approach to the project, means that we can improve areas of the website without compromising the existing site or slowing day-to-day operations. Somar continue to help HomeTech improve their online presence with Service Level Agreements and on-going upgrades.

Overcoming challenges

Every project has issues and roadblocks. Somar roll with the punches and learn from everything we do:

Picking up the pieces

HomeTech were unhappy with their previous web development company, and had a half-finished project on their hands. Somar were able to turn it around on time and within budget, working with existing code but re-writing about 60% of it. HomeTech were relieved to see that the project was put back on track efficiently and without the earlier dramas they’d encountered.

A strong focus on retail

Using our UX expertise we created tools and techniques to help HomeTech drive sales through their website, including a safe and secure e-commerce plug-in for online transactions. HomeTech have seen a dramatic increase in online sales since Somar updated their site.

Incremental updates

We took a phased approach to the site updates to allow for user feedback at each stage. This helped with improvements such as streamlining the ordering process to decrease site drop-offs from users and updating the top navigation area for more call to action click points.