What Services does Somar Digital's new AWS Hosting Platform provide?

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Recently we introduced our brand spanking new Hosting Platform: the Somar Digital Cloud. The SD Cloud is built using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide fault-tolerant and scalable infrastructure that is hosted securely, and supported by our operations team.

Somar Digital is now an AWS Select Consulting Partner and AWS Public Sector Partner within the Amazon Web Services Partner Network, which gives our clients access to the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform.

But what exactly do you get when your website is hosted on the SD Cloud?

AWS Hosting platform services

The services that make up the SD Cloud are designed to your business's needs, from incident management to infrastructure optimisations, delivering automation, operational excellence, and speed. We’ve also designed the SD Cloud to cater to businesses of different sizes so you’ll be able to find a hosting plan that works for you.

  • 24/7 x 365 Support: We provide full 24/7 x 365 hosting support. Fully monitored by our Support Desk Team and after-hours support team. In the unlikely event of an outage, we have the Team available 24/7 x 365 for all and any issues.
  • Issue Resolution: We will ensure recovery of the hosted website in the event of website infrastructure or application software failure.
  • Back-ups: We will take daily snapshots of your user-modifiable assets and database and keep them for 7 days, stored securely on AWS. A monthly long-term backup is taken and stored for 12 months. Recovery will occur under the Resolution time described within the Hosting SLA Plan. Backups are encrypted ensuring your information is secure.
  • Web monitoring: We will check that your website is available at the System monitoring threshold described within the Hosting SLA Plan, and our operations team will be notified if there is a problem.
  • Server and security monitoring: AWS Cloudwatch actively monitors server performance and any critical issues and escalates these to our operations team.
  • Auto upscaling: In the event there is more demand for the website and other customer service channels our AWS hosting platform will upscale.
  • Redundancy and failovers: With Availability Zones, you can design and operate applications and databases that automatically failover between zones without interruption. Availability Zones are more highly available, fault-tolerant, and scalable than traditional single or multiple data centre infrastructures.
  • Logging: All-access and error logs are captured, allowing our operations team to instantly search and identify potential problems, system error messages, user application requests.
  • Server security patching: Security patches for software packages on the server will be automatically installed daily. This excludes website application software (i.e. SilverStripe CMS, Framework and third-party modules) which should be updated as outlined under a monthly support level agreement.

You can check out our Services page if you want to know more about the Somar Digital Cloud or if you have any questions you can contact our team using the form below. We’d love to hear from you!

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